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Night at The Speakeasy - Signed Physical CD

Svetlana digi FRONT Cover-2.jpg
Svetlana digi FRONT Cover-2.jpg

Night at The Speakeasy - Signed Physical CD


'. . . incredible tone, she swings hard, and the accent is just irresistible. . . Astrid Gilberto via Moscow. ' - Guy Eckstine. Every Monday, as she has over the past three years, Svetlana assembles her band of all-star musicians to play for a packed room of dancers and listeners at the Lower East Side's Back Room, an authentic New York speakeasy operating since Prohibition. Though a centerpiece of the resurgent hot jazz & swing scene, the band's diverse set list - from Ellington to Tin Pan Alley to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and several originals - their nuanced musicianship, and Svetlana's engaging vocals, together offers the band a broad appeal beyond their most obvious audience. Produced by the Grammy-award winning Guy Eckstine with special guest, trombonist, vocalist and arranger Wycliffe Gordon, and liner notes by the Wall Street Journal's Great American songbook aficionado, Will Friedwald, 'Night at the Speakeasy' offers an exuberant, top-flight musical experience.

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1. All I Want (m/l S.Shmulyian; arr Wycliffe Gordon)
2. Just A Sittin And A Rockin (m D.Ellington/B.Strayhorn; arr. R. Garcia)
3. You Won't Be Satisfied (m F.James, l L.Stock; verse m/l S.Shmulyian; arr/feat vox Wycliffe Gordon)
4. It's All Good (Big Noise) (m/l S.Shmulyian; arr Wycliffe Gordon)
5. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (m D.Ellington, l B.Russell; arr. R. Garcia)
6. Under A Blanket Of Blue (m J. Livingston, l M.Simes/AJ.Neiburgh; arr/feat vox Wycliffe Gordon)
7. Temptations (m/l B. Disterheft / S.Shmulyian; arr. R. Garcia)
8. God Only Knows (m B. Wilson, l. B. Wilson/T. Asher; arr. R. Garcia)
9. Lady Be Good (m G.Gershwin; l I.Gershwin; arr. R. Garcia)
10. Because (m/l J.Lennon P. McCartney; arr. R.Garcia)
11. Dance Inbetween The Moments (m/l R.Garcia; arr. R.Garcia)
12. You Are Like A Song (m E.Rosner; l M.Pliatzkovsky; arr. R.Garcia)
13. Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue) (m V.Youmans; l I.Caesar; arr/feat vox Adrian Cunningham)
14. Tea For Two (m V.Youmans; l I.Caesar; arr. R.Garcia)


“All I Want” … feels like a jazz standard (Huff Post)
“Sophisticated, sweet, subtle, sexy, swinging”  (Jazz About .com)
“Delightful, sure to please listeners” (WRHU) 
“Energetic vocalist” "exceptional singer and songwriter” "outstanding band” (Will Friedwald, WSJ)
”Winsome vocals transport you back to a place and time far away” (Garnet News)
”Friendly, engaging…  Get ready to swing and be moved” (Michael Steinman,JazzLives)