Svetlana’s Big Band, Zinc Bar, NYC, Dec 2018. Photo by Nina Galicheva

Svetlana’s Big Band, Zinc Bar, NYC, Dec 2018. Photo by Nina Galicheva

charmed an all-Manhattanite audience, fronting the ….Big Band at Zinc Bar....  vividly channeled the deadpan vindictiveness of Ellington’s Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me, and balanced that with an exuberant take of It Had to Be You (NY MUSIC DAILY) 

her original, It’s All Good, that made for the best song of the night.  It’s an update on classic 30s swing for the here and now. As she hit the chorus, she suddenly rose from a warmly enveloping calm to an eye-opening leap: “When you hear the BIG NOISE, it’s not thunder or storm.” Then she took the audience groundward again: “It’s just the sound of my heart breaking.”  The song ended on a characteristically enigmatic note, a little defeated, a little defiant (LUCID CULTURE).

Svetlana has been a featured soloist with several big bands (including Seth Weaver Big Band, Manhattan School Of Music Big Band, NY Jazz Academy Big Band and more), including her monthly residency at New York's legendary Zinc Bar, with Seth Weave Big Band.  Svetlana has premiered her own big band in Dec 2018 to a full house at the Zinc Bar. Her big band combines classic big band sound, thrilling arrangements by the best NYC big band arrangers, and Svetlana's own captivating front woman stage presence and vocals! Svetlana’s Big Band sound reflects the idealism of vintage swing bands sounds but also provides thrilling experience that can be appreciated both by the jazz lovers and the 21st century modern audiences alike! Available repertoire includes American Songbook classics, Holiday Classics and Svetlana's Originals. 

Photos by Nina Galicheva and Richard Velasco