Jazz & Swing Music for a Vanderbilt Estate Wedding on Long Island Sound

Svetlana & the Delancey Five were thrilled to be invited by a fan to play at her gorgeous Long Island wedding at the legendary Vanderbilt Estate. The bride is an avid swing dancer, as well as a frequent audience member and active participant at our vintage jazz band concerts. We feel it is always an honor when a fan invites you to be part of their special event – and we were particularly excited because we knew that may swing dancers would be at this fabulous wedding! 



The Long Island wedding began with an outdoor ceremony on the luscious lawn of the Vanderbilt Estates - wedding guests were seated facing the garden and the castle, which overlooked the Long Island Sound. A smaller version of the jazz band (guitar, bass, drummer, and vocalist) was placed beside the bride and groom. The bride made her grand entrance by coming down the stairs of one of the buildings and onto the lawn of the estate while the band played La Vie en Rose, her long-time favorite. With this music, the jazz band created an elegant and vibrant atmosphere. We worked with the couple for months to pick just the right music for the processional as well as the recessional, which made just the statement the bride and groom desired. 



A cocktail reception followed the ceremony, and a small jazz group played upbeat jazz standards as guests mingled, chatted and greeted one another. The setlist was put together based on the jazz band's extensive repertoire. All the wedding guests relaxed as they eased into this portion of the day after the big moment for the couple, but all the while the band kept its exciting energy going! 



Once the cocktail reception portion of the wedding concluded, the bride and groom made their grand entrance on the dance floor to a song carefully selected by the band. The happy couple's first dance together as husband and wife was done to the dance floor classic, Cheek to Cheek. At this point in time, the band increased in size by seven pieces, including a horn section. Based on the bride’s family's wishes (they were of Eastern European origin), we also added an accordion player. While the guests relaxed throughout the first part of dinner, the band serenaded them with their jazz tunes. This allowed for peaceful enjoyment of the meal and relaxed conversation for guests.  



When it was time to dance, the band switched to swing dancing classics that got the guests really moving. Some New York swing dancing pros kicked things off – but nobody could resist the beat! Soon the dance floor was filled with guests moving to the music! Once that portion of the evening concluded, Svetlana and the Delancey Five handed the floor to the DJ. Between the band's classic jazz and swing music and the DJ's modern hits, the music for the evening was seamless!



The bride and groom were thrilled with their wedding music. They said "We were super fortunate to have this fabulous band - Svetlana & The Delancey Five - play at our wedding at the Vanderbilt a few years back. They were amazing and Svetlana was so lovely to work with. If you are looking for a jazz band for your wedding or event, I highly recommend reaching out to Svetlana. They helped make a wonderful day all the more perfect and special!” 



If you're ready to book a wedding jazz band, contact Svetlana right away. Svetlana & the Delancey Five can't wait to bring their vintage jazz sound and swing dancing music to your special day!